HR Freedom for Small-Medium Enterprise

One-of-a-kind, total HR management services for Canadian small-medium enterprise.

We fully manage your HR with our turn-key HR Outsourcing (HRO) systems. Prepare to be liberated from the burden of HR management and to proactively build and sustain the best workforce possible.

Proactive, day-to-day management of your HR function, for good.

Expert management of performance and compensation best practices that build, motivate and retain a winning workforce.

HR freedom means

HR is Broken

They’re never-ending, those HR administrative tasks. They divert, obstruct, overwhelm and keep you from driving business forward. You know the issues. Worse, you know what happens when you fall behind on managing them. Operations lag, employee turnover occurs, morale suffers and performance drops. The response has traditionally been half measures, more headaches and a lack of creative solutions. Until now.

The HR Machine

The HR Machine is our answer to the logistics puzzle of HR. This comprehensive system combines workflows, software, content, compliance and HR Partners with a customized configuration to achieve your objectives for HR administration, Talent Management, or both. Through process engineering and automation, we deliver exceptional value at an incredibly affordable rate.

HR Workflows

Take one-part extreme process engineering, one-part intensive project management and one-part relentless automation. Combine and apply to any HR scenario. That’s workflow administration that works.

Software Platforms

We enlist a core set of cloud-based software platforms to generate efficiencies and promote employee engagement. This means the replacement of paper files with digital records and monitored compliance.

Content & Compliance

We collect and reconcile of all your policies, programs and documents, fill in the gaps, resolve conflicts and optimize clarity. We refine and update as the legal landscape changes and your company evolves ensuring full regulatory compliance.

HR Partners

Two experts handle your HR machine: the credentialed HR Partner who fully manages your everyday HR, and the HR Technology Partner who optimizes software performance.

A Few of Those We’ve Liberated

They’re on the way – freed from the constraints of old school HR operations. They are charting a course forward with greater efficiency, clarity and purpose.