HR is fixed? I never would have believed it.
How does HR Freedom feel? Amazing!
What is HR Freedom? Having fun again.
New hires contracted and onboarded before they start? 100%.
HR freedom – it’s within your grasp.
Job filled way faster? No question.
Fully HR compliant. What a relief.
Vacation and sick time headaches? Gone.

The HR Outsourcing Revolution is Here

There is an undeniable shift in the world that is creating huge urgency for Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMB). In the face of global competition, the stakes have never been bigger. That shift is towards the outsourcing economy and that means it’s essential for all SMBs to constantly assess every non-core activity. Human Resources (HR) activities are now a mainstream part of SMB outsourcing strategies for reducing cost, increasing effectiveness, and shedding mental load.

Every Revolution Needs a Leader

WorkforceWins is the only HRO Company that delivers the full spectrum of Employee Logistics and Talent Management solutions designed and priced exclusively for small and mid-sized businesses. Our MeritFile (MF) Employee Logistics and MeritQuarter (MQ) Talent Management services (available as a-la-carte or subscription) fully cover your Company’s HR cycles: Life, Annual and Payroll

But Don’t Take It From Us

Our clients provide the clearest assessment of why our HRO services are the best of their kind for SMB. Here are a few of them.

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