You want to be in Business. Not HR.

The evidence is everywhere for small-medium enterprise. HR is broken. Costly, ineffective and filled with half measures, last generation’s HR model is a ball-and-chain for today’s leaders. Are you ready for HR Freedom? You’re not alone.

The WorkforceWins HR outsourcing model is designed exclusively for small-medium enterprise. It’s fast and easy to implement, affordably priced and delivers immediate results. We fully take over the reins of HR Management and let leaders and their companies get back to focusing on their core business. Yes, the HR revolution has arrived.


It Takes an Outsider

A bona fide HR outsider, Grant Conrad has wrestled for years with the free-pass that accepted HR methods have enjoyed. He’s encountered them throughout his career, from M&A Consultant and COO, to Franchise Development and, now, Founder. He sees a path of reason and real results in HR Administration and Talent Management.

Who Wins?

Our clients are progressive and have ambitious goals. They range from independently-owned franchises, to Software and Engineering, Manufacturing and Skilled Trades. Collectively, they see the strategic value of an exceptional workforce and the capacity it brings to transform an organization in remarkable ways.

Where We Do It

We serve clients across Canada thanks to our web-based services. Wherever you need the HR Revolution to take hold, we can assist.