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What is Your Time Worth? 

What if you could remove the personnel-related distractions and HR administration duties with one decision? Would that give you the opportunity to focus on improving the patient experience and driving business results? Would it help you in furthering your ambitions towards pharmacy expansion, succession, and sale? With WorkforceWins, the question is not how you’re going to do it, it’s when. 

Goal Driven and Frustration Free 

With the WorkforceLogistics HR Management Service, you can immediately focus on pursuing your priorities as a Pharmacy Owner. As we take full responsibility for your Pharmacy’s HR, associated administration will be off of your plate for good and you’ll have our expert backing to handle every HR Management scenario. No more frustrations or fears. You can simply focus on achieving your business goals.  

  • With WorkforceWins, I have the peace of mind that our HR is fully and properly managed, and in a way that provides me with the best possible protection as an employer.

    Sean Simpson Owner of Simpson Pharmacies

The ‘Achieve Your Pharmacy’s Potential’ Plan 

We fully re-set and take over your HR Management in five simple steps.

1. Collect

We collect your raw data on your personnel, policies, preferences and any active personnel management scenarios. 

2. Reconcile

We reconcile all areas of legal and policy compliance to determine the gaps. 

3. Build

We build your BambooHR software instance and fully updated HR policies and templates. 

4. Orient

We orient your staff, supervisors and payroll personnel to our role, key processes, and the BambooHR. 

5. Go Live

We go live with our services on Day 90. We fill all compliance gaps, take over the active management of any active personnel management issues, and guarantee full compliance of your HR going forward. 

Comprehensive Services, Customized for You 

We provide the complete HR structure to fully manage your operation. Software platforms, HR documentation, best practice-based processes and more ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation, company policies and owner preferences, and minimal distraction to your day-to-day operations. All that is backed by our certified HR Professionals and experienced Management Consultant. You not only gain the expertise necessary to run smoothly, more importantly, we dramatically free up your time. You need only weigh in on essential decisions while we handle the rest.  

  • A full-cycle recruitment process is co-administered between WorkforceWins and the Hiring Manager. It captures placement of job ads on paid sites (ex. Indeed) and social media, funneling of all job applicants through the BambooHR applicant tracking system, interviews, and a historical database of all applicants.
  • The employee lifecycle is managed for every current and future employee including job postings, contracting, onboarding, probation periods, changes to terms and roles, end of employment (end of contract, resign, retire, termination), offboarding.
  • A comprehensive policy manual is maintained and perpetually updated to meet the evolving needs of the company.
  • Every personnel management scenario is project managed from start to finish including performance improvement, attendance management, accommodations, leaves, work refusals, terminations, and workplace investigations and leaves.
  • A system in place to manage time away requests and balances including vacation, sick, banked and lieu time.
  • Group benefits and investment plans fully administered including enrollments, terminations, claims management, and plan design and implementation.
  • Training plan administration including enrollments, completion records and a catalog of 750+ online training courses.
  • WorkforceWins fully re-set and proactively manages our HR so that we are well positioned for our multi-store expansion.

    Joe Kamel Co-Owner of Purehealth Pharmacies

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