Choose the HR Service to be a Confident Employer and Achieve Your Vision for Your Pharmacy 

What’s Standing in Your Way 

Tired of the relentless tide of personnel-related distractions and HR disruptions? Worry about losing valued employees or getting sidetracked by unexpected business issues? What about confronting the complexity of employment laws or the pitfalls of employee appraisals and compensation? When you shoulder the burden of HR, you defer your progress toward your goals for business expansion, succession, and sale. The upshot? You have the power to quickly and effortlessly free yourself from these frustrations right now and start to focus on your priorities.  

Focus on Your Vision 

With WorkforceWins HR Services, you will be freed from the frustration, fear and doubt that comes from being an Employer. You will be empowered to drive patient experience, profitability, and growth — and to reach your goals for expansion, succession, and sale. We have two proven services that are designed to meet the needs to Pharmacy Owners like you.   


With our core service called WorkforceLogistics, we fully re-set and take over your Pharmacy’s HR Management function so you can focus on patient experience and reaching your pharmacy’s potential. Click here to learn more.


Our TalentLogistics Employee Retention and Attraction system retains valued employees, provides differentiation to attract new employees, and delivers a stable, committed Pharmacy Team. Click here to learn more.

What Makes Us Different

Progressive Pharmacy Owners Trust WorkforceWins

A collective of progressive Pharmacy Owners enlists WorkforceWins’ comprehensive HR services so that they can focus on patient experience, business results and their long-term goals for their pharmacy. They join a greater group of progressive business owners that employ in a range of industries who rely on our services.

Predictable and Affordable Pricing

We know that pricing needs to be both predictable and affordable to make sense. Our all-inclusive, per-employee pricing model means that everything that we do — and the BambooHR software that supports them — are included, with only a few, clear exceptions.

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Make your move from the frustration, fear and doubt of being an employer and enjoy the empowerment and confidence that will free you to deliver exceptional patient experience, achieve desired pharmacy profitability and growth, and reach your goals for pharmacy expansion, succession and sale.