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The High Cost of Turnover and Recruiting 

What’s the real price of perpetual turnover and recruitment? You can calculate the hard costs, which are significant enough. But can you tally the intangibles? The time demands, the hassles and the fear of losing key personnel? Customer experience and business results suffer due to unwanted turnover and a lack of quality candidates to fill open positions. If your time is too dominated by recruiting and retraining, how do you expect to execute the priorities and plans you have for your business?

Build the Team You Need 

Competitive compensation and a well-defined system for Employee recognition and reward is essential to retaining valued staff and attracting quality prospects. The TalentLogistics Employee Retention and Attraction System is designed to provide transparent performance appraisals and compensation reviews every year. By directly linking performance to compensation, the system highlights and helps to retain your prized employees while working within your overall compensation budget. At a time when your operation needs every advantage to compete, make sure you secure the employees you value and improve your prospects of attracting the best talent possible.  

  • WorkforceWins manages our employee compensation program to ensure we are always properly benchmarked against the market, high performers earn more, incentive programs focus people on my priorities, and we are compliant with apprenticeship requirements."

    Peter McGrath Owner, Mr. Rooter of Ottawa

Build the Team You Need 

The ‘Build Your Best Workforce’ Plan

TalentLogistics is a five-step annual process for optimizing Employee retention and attraction, and building the workforce team you need.

1. Compensation Review

We review your company’s compensation structure every year to align them with external benchmarksfit within your budget, and optimize impact on retention.  

2. Peer Reviews

We collect confidential 360 feedback for all employees from peers and supervisors alike to support transparency and fairness of the process.

3. Workforce Decisions

We walk you through the key decisions for every employee regarding their performance rating and qualitative feedback, wage adjustments, and any incentive-based pay 

4. Review Meetings

All decisions are captured in an electronic Employee Review Workbook for each employee. You meet with each employee with the Employee Review Workbook as a guide.

5. Incentive Plans

We report on the status of every incentive plan monthly to keep Employees engaged all year. 

  • With WorkforceWins we continually optimize our mix of wages, incentives, benefits and investment plans so we can retain our best and brightest and attract strong candidates to fill open roles. It has been a critical element of our successful expansion through mergers and acquisitions.

    Ian Lang General Manager, Green Tractors Inc

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